Why Settling For 2nd Best Is Never A Good Idea

Couple In True Love

When most people are considering relationships, they have a list of requirements that they want in a mate. In cases where the list is rather extensive, friends and family often urge them to reduce the list and settle for something a little different. Here are several reasons why this is not such a great idea.

The main issue with settling for 2nd best is that there are too many people in this world to allow this to happen. Why should you whittle down a legitimate list of wants when there is likely someone out there who is just perfect for you? It may take you longer to find that someone since your list is larger, but that does not mean that it is never going to happen for you. All that is required is a little (or a lot) or patience.

Imagine you are only into people who attend church and you meet someone who fits the idea of your perfect mate, yet they are far from religious. While this is something that many people are able to compromise on, should you really consider that? Obviously if you are very devout, it will be important to find someone who is on an equal plane. Otherwise, you will spend a large part of your relationship battling over this. Honestly, it is just not worth it.

Is it really fair to be with someone when deep inside you want something different? How can you look into the face of your tall, slender wife when you are really into women who have a shorter, curvier frame? Yes, you may end up having genuine feelings for someone different, but will you ever really be satisfied with them 100% – probably not.

Settling for 2nd best places you in an awkward position on the off chance that you run into the right one. Basically, do not block your blessings and give up your single status just in case the perfect one comes along. Although you might choose to do this, it has to be your decision. You are the one who must live with it if it doesn’t go as you planned.

Many people dread the idea of being alone so they settle for someone that satisfies only a portion of their needs. While this is something that can work on a short-term basis, it is not likely that it is something that will last until the end of time.